Samsung Galaxy S6 Free Credit Card Reader

Click to call Intuit and receive your free credit card reader for the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone. Accept credit card payments anywhere with certified payment processing.
Tap the image above to call Intuit QuickBooks and get your free credit card reader for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The toll free telephone number to receive your Samsung Galaxy S6 free credit card reader is 866-970-3120. Sign up with GoPayment from Intuit to begin accepting credit card payments using your Samsung Galaxy S6 Android phone. There’s no sign-up cost to begin using merchant service from your smartphone, and the fees are minimal. Synchronize your transactions with Intuit accounting software QuickBooks. Design custom receipts for your clients that are sent over e-mail after each transaction. Utilize wireless credit card scanning features in phones that support NFC wireless communications. Using your Samsung Galaxy S6 over 4G LTE will enable small business owners and entrepreneurs to complete sales anywhere. Begin using certified payment processing on your¬†mobile smartphone to increase your sales volumes. Intuit GoPayment is a reliable and easy way to begin accepting credit cards fast. The free credit card reader device is interchangeable from device to device. Once you upgrade your smartphone the GoPayment reader will still function on the new smartphone. You can start using the latest credit card reader technology free at no cost or obligation today.

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